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IPv4 Transfer Broker - We Recycle IPv4 and Promote IPv6

  • V4Escrow is a recognized IPv4 Transfer Broker in the RIPE and APNIC regions and a registered ARIN STLS Facilitator. These unique designations allow V4Escrow to provide unparalleled quality in a complete package of IP address management services.

  • V4Escrow is a leader in the reutilization of previously used IP addresses. Monetization of unused, dormant, or legacy IP addresses through transfer is a potentially significant new revenue stream for many businesses.

  • Compliance is integral in the productive management of IP address assets. Adherence to all RIR policies through Intra-RIR or Inter-RIR allocation transfers are paramount in the IP management strategy. In addition, to ensure that all resources are available when necessary, LIR Management and Audit Services are a complementary addition to RIR transfers and allocations.

  • V4Escrow always aims to provide the most current portfolio of services. The available IPv4 pools of many RIRs are dwindling and based on most forecasts, the IPv4 transfer market will not fully satisfy the need for IP addresses. Therefore, IPv6 is the best and only option to keep the internet growing and networks expanding. V4Escrow is actively involved in shaping the policy development process of the APNIC and RIPE communities. The promotion of clear and simple policies for the allocation and transfer of resources among all the RIR regions is a top priority for clients of V4Escrow.

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