V4Escrow is known to make the process of buying IPv4 Addresses swift and simple. You will not regret using V4Escrow to buy your blocks of IPv4 addresses. Click here to contact us

Sell IPv4

Regardless of how many IP addresses you want to sell, V4Escrow is the logical choice for sellers of IPv4 Addresses.

We have a transparent 5% commission.
 for sales larger than 65536 IPs

Due Diligence

V4Escrow has the most advanced IPv4 blacklisting reporting tool (see here) and performs an extensive due diligence process for every IPv4 block of IP addresses it Brokers.

Why V4Escrow?

Since 2013 we have successfully brokered or facilitated transfers of IPv4 addresses to or from the following countries: USA, Australia, Great Britain, Switzerland, Germany, Spain, France, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Malta, Romania, Germany, Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Palestine, Nepal, United Arab Emirates, Hong Kong and the list grows every year.

The IPv4 Transfer Process is specially designed by our CEO, Elvis Velea, for every single transaction. His aim is to provide both the Buyer and the Seller with all the documentation required and explain the IPv4 Transfer Process, step by step. With over 15 years experience in IP Management, we’ll make every transfer as swift as possible.

We specialize in Inter-RIR transfers between ARIN and RIPE regions. We’ve also completed Inter-RIR and Intra-RIR transfers between all RIRs participating in the transfer process (APNIC, ARIN, RIPE).


Next Steps…

IPv6 is here, there is no doubt about it. Many Sellers realize they only need a few IP Addresses and could sell the rest. This is the perfect moment to contact V4Escrow!

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