Our Story

V4Escrow was founded by Elvis Velea, a former IP Resource Analyst at the RIPE NCC. Elvis has over 15 years experience in IPv4 Management and over 5 years in IPv4 Brokerage. IP Transfers are Elvis’ specialty.

In 2013, Elvis envisioned an IPv4 Broker that will provide excellence in IPv4 Transfers. Currently, V4Escrow builds personalized processes to enable both Buyers and Sellers to have a swift transaction be it in ARIN, RIPE, APNIC or between RIRs.


Our Vision

V4Escrow was built to become a tool to both the Seller and the Buyer. We have worked hard to create the most simple processes and deliver the best services to both Sellers and Buyers.

V4Escrow provides a comprehensive report on the status and (where possible) history of the IP addresses and of their usage. This report is unique in the IPv4 Market and will help both Seller and Buyer to make an informed transaction.


Meet the Team

We aim to achieve excellence in everything we do.


Elvis Daniel Velea

Founder & CEO

Elvis (Romanian by origin) moved from Amsterdam to Las Vegas to fulfill his dream and make V4Escrow one of the names known by everyone in the IPv4 Market. Elvis has 15+ years of experience in IP Management and IPv4 Transfers.

Yes, Elvis now lives in Vegas 🙂


Holly Savage


Holly has worked in the accounting and finance industry for over 25 years, the majority of that time was in the telecommunications industry.  Holly grew up in Utah but has lived in Nevada, Colorado, New York, Indiana and Canada.  She currently resides in Laughlin, Nevada near the Colorado River.


Luisa Griffin

Office Manager

I am a very passionate, dedicated, team-oriented individual. I also assist everyone in the company whenever Spanish is needed to complete a transaction.

I am originally from Cuba.


Armand Fried

Senior Legal Counsel

Armand Fried graduated New York Law School in 1981 and was admitted to the New York State Bar in 1982. He was also admitted to the Nevada Bar in 2008. His office is in Las Vegas, Nevada where he maintains a general practice with particular emphasis in the areas of commercial transactions and litigation.