15 Apr 2015

V4Escrow Announces US Expansion Plans at ARIN 35

Premiere IPv4 address transfer broker V4Escrow just announced plans to expand its US operations at the ARIN 35 Public Policy and Members Meeting event in San Francisco, CA...

14 Apr 2015

V4Escrow CEO Elvis Daniel Velea Reveals 2015 Predictions for IP Address Transfer Market

On the eve of his appearance at ARIN 35, CEO Elvis Daniel Velea revealed his major predictions for how the IP address transfer...

6 Feb 2015

V4Escrow’s prediction comes true

In April 2014, our CEO, Elvis Daniel Velea presented at the Menog14 conference in Dubai and estimated that approximately a /8 will be transferred/sold on the IPv4 Market in 2014...

30 Aug 2014

V4Escrow Completes the Largest IP Address Transfer in RIPE (Europe, Russia, and the Middle East)

The transaction is the 15th largest global transfer of IP addresses and V4Escrow is proud to have..

26 May 2014

IPv4 Routing Table Expansion

The IPv4 global routing table expanded to just over 500.000 routes on the 24th of April...

14 Apr 2014

V4Escrow IP Transfers Report: Q1-2014

Q1-2014 has started with a large number of IPv4 Transfers. Based on 2013 statistics, we expect to see a further increase in the number of IPv4 transfers...

2 Apr 2014

Menog14 Report

Menog14 took place from 23 March – 1 April 2014 in Dubai. According to their website, there were 120 attendees from 26 different countries...

6 Feb 2014

V4Escrow changes offices

Please be informed that V4Escrow, LLC’s office address and contact has changed as follows: Headquarters in Las Vegas , Europe offices near Amsterdam...

15 Jan 2014

V4 ESCROW IP market report

Transfers have been recorded in the APNIC region even before the runout date of April 15, 2011. Two transfers have been recorded in the APNIC statistics in November 2010 and two others in 2011...

15 Jan 2014

Transfers in the RIPE region – statistics

2013 defines the word “doubling” in the IP sector. This year, there were twice the number of transfers in December 2013 as compared to the whole fourth quarter of 2012...