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Policy Development

Our team is actively involved in the Policy Development Process. Our goal is to have policies that are simple, clear and easy to follow in all the 5 RIR Regions.
As each region has it’s own characteristics, our goal is to propose and develop policies that are as similar as possible between the 5 regions.


1. Our team has worked on a document that aimed the unification of the IPv6 policies in the RIPE region. The proposal was discussed by the RIPE community and the decision of the community was that the change was too complex. We are now back to the drawing board and aim to propose a less complex policy change in the near future.

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2. Prevent speculation by using the last /22

The RIPE NCC has shown during RIPE69 in London a possible method to speculate with IPv4 addresses. During the Address Policy Working Group the RIPE NCC has presented (in slide 10) the method currently used for speculation. Our organisation was asked during the Open Policy Hour of the Address Policy Working Group to come up with a policy proposal which would prevent speculation. We are working on and will come up with a policy proposal at the beginning of 2015.



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