ip sales

V4Escrow has designed the most efficient IP exchange mechanism to generate the greatest value for Sellers of IP addresses.

Contact our team to request an offer for your IP Addresses.

Our team will guarantee a great price and a swift completion of the transfer.

IP Purchase

V4Escrow has worked with large corporations as well as with small companies or individuals. Whether you want to buy 256 IP Addresses or a few million IP Addresses, V4Escrow will do its best to deliver as swift as possible. This is a personal guarantee from its CEO.

IP Score

V4Escrow provides a comprehensive report on the status and (where possible) history of the IP addresses and of their usage. This report is unique in the IPv4 Market, is being developed continuously to provide more and more data and will help both Seller and Buyer to make an informed transaction.


legacy IP addresses

Legacy resources are IPv4 blocks that were allocated before the RIRs were founded. Legacy IPs costed nothing when these were allocated. Now, companies that have blocks as large as 65536 IP addresses ( /16 ) or larger can make more than
1 MILLION USD from selling them.

Most of these allocations are not in use by their owners. Companies that want to monetize this asset should contact V4Escrow for a quote. The transfer process of a legacy IPv4 block is often complicated but V4Escrow can easily guide such a transaction to fruition given 15+ years of previous experience.

Transfer process

Usually, the transfer process will involve an Asset Purchase Agreement (APA) between the Seller and the Buyer and often the Broker as a starting point of the transaction.

Also, in most cases, a Cash Escrow Agreement (CEA) is signed between the Buyer, the Seller, the Broker and the Escrow Agent (V4Escrow works with several reputable banks in Europe and USA that act as Escrow Agent).


Next Steps...

You want to know more or you are interested in a service that is related to IP Addresses Management, feel free to contact our team.