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V4Escrow IP Transfers Report: Q1-2014

Q1-2014 has started with a large number of IPv4 Transfers. Based on 2013 statistics, we expect to see a further increase in the number of IPv4 transfers.

APNIC statistics

While in 2013 APNIC has seen around 100 transfers for a total of 1,95 million IP addresses, 2014 has started with 44 transfers for a total of 1,11 million IP addresses in Q1 only. About 5% of these transfers have been coming from the ARIN region due to the fact that APNIC and ARIN have a compatible transfer policy.

The number of transfers shows a slight increase in demand.

ARIN statistics

ARIN has now less than one /8 available. While in 2013 we have seen 47 IPv4 transfers within ARIN, in Q1 of 2014 10 transfers have been recorded, half of these transfers being made to APNIC members. In 2013 ARIN members have transferred 5,67 million IP addresses and 163 thousands in Q1 2014.

The number of IPv4 transfers and the amount of IP addresses transferred in Q1-2014 is lower than expected. However, we expect to see an increase once the ARIN pool depletes later this year.

RIPE statistics

In 2013 there have been a total of 132 IPv4 transfers for a total of 1,98 million IP addresses. Q1 2014 has seen a huge increase in the number of transfers. 91 transfers have been processed by the RIPE NCC in Q1 2014 for a total of 1.04 million IP addresses.

The RIPE region has seen the most increased number of IPv4 transfers. This is probably due to the latest policy changes removing the need of Buyers to demonstrate the need before an IPv4 transfer is approved by the RIPE NCC Regional Internet Registry. The increase from 132 transfers in the whole year of 2013 to 91 transfers in just Q1 of 2014 shows that there is a very big demand (and offer) in the region.

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